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  • testimonial professional certification

    “The class and format was perfect!  It’s difficult to find time to pursue professional certifications, within corporate budgets, but Omnikron made everything easy.  The instructor was spot-on, the materials and test prep were really helpful as was the entire Omnikron team.” 

    ~ Jeremy L. Boerger · Enterprise Software Asset Management · JPMorgan Chase

  • testimomnial-image

    “Omnikron has a proven record in being able to deliver the content for the Intermediate ITIL classes and ensure the student is in the possible position to pass their certification at a competitive price.” 

    ~ David Hackney, Area Manager

  • testimonial certification

    "Brad has gone above and beyond in every way to help me, from answering my questions, following up with me on my progress, and just great direction on making the process easier. It was refreshing! This customer is very grateful!”  

    ~ Heather Harris, Global Client Services - FSM

  • testimomnial togaf

    “The class was absolutely outstanding, everything was very well organized and our teacher Steve was just perfect. I passed TOGAF Part 1 immediately after the first 4 classes and am now preparing for part 2.”  

    ~ Shashi Bhandari, PMP, ITILv3, Senior Solutions Engineer | Global Solutions Design and Engineering | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

  • testimomnial ITIL standards

    "Over the last 12 months, each of the complex deals we've engaged in has required us to demonstrate compliance to ITIL standards...this would have been unachievable without the ITIL training we've received."  

    Andrew R. Lee, MS, Sr. Systems Analyst, Certified ITIL v3® Intermediate, Jacobs Technology, ASG, MCNIS - NMCI/COSC

  • testimomnial ITIL processes

    "Eric was without a doubt one of the best instructors I have ever had. I loved the way he taught us how to pass the test, what to look for that is significant/key to the ITIL Processes. He also had a great sense of humor."  

    ~ Shirley Marchman, Spl-Service Program Mgmt, Verizon

  • testimonial online learning

    "The Omnikron team definitely "gets it" when it comes to customer service and partnership.  You have all been great to work with and provided much flexibility in my ability to take the classes and succeed!!!!!!  Many thanks!"

    ~ JoAnn Moyer, Sr. Consultant Global Client Services Project Management, Verizon




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