About Omnikron

For over 35 years, Omnikron has been providing organizations with corporate training in management and IT, leadership development and staffing/recruitment solutions. We have worked with thousands of clients from Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government entities, and other institutions. Our client list encompasses some of today’s most well-known organizations, and we are constantly adding more clients to our roster. Join us, and discover the advantages we offer professionals through education, staffing and implementation of newest innovations and technologies.


Over 35 Years of Experience

For more than 35 years, Omnikron has provided Fortune 500 and D.O.D. organizations with IT, Corporate and Leadership Training, Technical Staffing and Project Management Services. We offer a wide range of educational and leadership initiatives, and we help our clients train, recruit and retain top talent in a variety of industries and verticals.

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Training That Makes a Difference

We have developed our proprietary Learning Lifecycle™ and Leadership Elevation Framework™ to provide a clear educational pathway to leadership excellence.  Today’s top companies are challenged by the speed of innovation, shorter product lifecycles, growing technical complexity and increasing global competition. Omnikron’s portfolio of training and educational courses gives these organizations a substantial advantage over their competitors.

25 Years…

Omnikron’s Mission Statement was crafted over 25 years ago by our CEO, Sudipta “Basu” Ghosh, and his executive management team. We are pleased to say that this mission statement has remained true and is part of our culture and daily lives at Omnikron.

Omnikron’s Mission: “We at Omnikron stand by our commitments to the customer. We like to do it at a profit if we can. We will do it at a loss, if we must. No matter what, we always keep our commitments to our customers.”


“Values represent who we are.
Which in turn dictates and determines our
personal code of conduct.”


~Basu Ghosh, CEO, Omnikron Systems, Inc.

Corporate Culture Reflects Values

Omnikron’s values are an integral part of our corporate culture, and they play a critical role in shaping the direction of our company. The values inherent in Omnikron’s corporate culture are Respect, Attitude, Integrity, Commitment, Empowerment, Accountability, Leadership and Balance.

We Live Our Values Every Day

These values create a solid foundation from which Omnikron employees live, work and flourish. We nurture leadership, mentoring and learning, are kind, thoughtful and considerate of each other, and we derive great satisfaction from operating in a supportive, cooperative and mindful work environment.

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Growth, Stability and Achievement

As the business world becomes ever more frenetic, fast-paced and complex, Omnikron will continue to offer relevant, cutting-edge training solutions and professional development initiatives. Omnikron will remain at the forefront of education and technology well into the future, working hand in hand with our clients to help them adapt, achieve and succeed.


The Power of Three…

Our commitment to excellence, our commitment to our customers and our commitment to our employees form a triangle of three equal sides. No one commitment is greater or worth more than the others, and all three must be in alignment in order for our organization to thrive.

Excellence Starts Here

We focus on delivering excellence at every level, from our training materials to our instructors to our staffing solutions. We don’t cut corners, and we stay ahead of research, trends, developments and latest technologies. We treat our customers with utmost respect, deliver above and beyond expectations and honor our promises to them. For our employees, we create a secure, positive work environment in which they can grow, prosper and reach their personal best today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

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