Announcing Omnikron’s Big Data Training Programs & Labs

In response to overwhelming demand, Omnikron has designed and developed three exciting Big Data courses for business professionals: Big Data Fundamentals, Big Data Analytics 101 and Tableau Fundamentals.

Why Big Data, and why now? The truth is, Big Data is changing the way organizations conduct business, engage their customers, plan marketing strategies, develop internal processes and procedures, and bring products to market. For the first time, organizations are able to use new technologies to mine and extract data and drill down through vast amounts of information.  IT experts, economists and visionaries are all talking Big Data: why it’s critical, how to best harness its power, and how to leverage its dramatic impact on global workforces, organizations and markets.

“Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.” – Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

According to market research firm IDC, revenue from the sales of big data and business analytics applications, tools and services will increase from nearly $122 billion in 2015 to more than $187 billion in 2019.  Getting on board with Big Data now ensures you won’t get left behind as this statistical phenom takes off even further.

The first course in Omnikron’s Big Data Semester is Big Data Fundamentals – an exciting introduction to Big Data, its terminology, technologies, applications and functions. In just four easy sessions, you’ll swiftly gain a clear understanding of what Big Data is, how to best use it, and how to apply Big Data principles and analytics within your own organization. By the end of this course, you will be using Excel in ways that will make your colleagues envious, and position you for workplace   rewards and promotions!

Next in our Big Data line-up is Big Data Analytics 101 – a course that prepares you to become a savvy, predictive “oracle” for your organization. You’ll discover R Studio, an open-source language developed specifically for data analytics, and learn to perform statistical analytics on large volumes of data gathered from variety of sources. What used to take hours in Excel takes mere minutes once you’ve mastered R! Gain a clear understanding of R Fundamentals and Structures, Statistical Basics, Sampling and Modeling, and Descriptive Analytics.

Our final course in Big Data is Tableau Fundamentals, designed for the beginner to intermediate-level Tableau user. It is for anyone who works with data, regardless of technical or analytical background. This course helps you understand and use the important concepts and techniques in Tableau to move from simple to increasingly complex data visualizations.

Join us during our Big Data Semester, and transform your data into insight, action and opportunities!