Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Course Description:

Project Rescue is a skill-building workshop in the KandF™ Problem Solving suite of courses that is uniquely related to Project Management. In this course, you will learn a practical set of tools, techniques and processes to effectively get derailed projects back on track. Learn to find the reasons for project overruns and explore the most effective solutions to solve problems and move the project forward once again. This is not another Project Management workshop, but a working symposium on how to troubleshoot projects successfully.

Learning Objectives:

  • Accelerate project performance and team dynamics with new and game-changing techniques
  • Prioritize issues among conflicting stakeholders
  • Clarify ill-defined or “fuzzy” problems
  • Solve technical problems quickly and effectively
  • Make decisions with the commitment of diverse stakeholders
  • Project decisions with risk reduction techniques

Who This Course is For:

  • PMO Directors
  • Project Leaders, Managers, Financiers, and Coordinators
  • SME’s
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Professional Staff looking to increase critical thinking skills


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.



Certification Earned:

A certificate of completion will be given upon completion of the course.



Peter Kennedy is an experienced professional specializing in IT Service Management training and consulting with core focus on Problem Solving, Continual Service Improvement, and process implementation. Peter leverages the KEPNERandFOURIE™ thinking methodologies to drive organizational performance through the application of effective processes. Peter’s primary focus is training, facilitation and capability development in the areas of process implementation and improvement, problem solving, and
the core competencies of IT Service Management.

Pam Erskine has more than 15 years of leadership experience in IT and service transformation with responsibility for providing best practice, thought leadership, and guidance relating to IT service management. She is the author of ITIL and Organizational Change, which analyzes some of the reasons why organizations fail to realize the benefits of ITIL and offers practical ways to avoid these pitfalls and improve adoption. She has led a number of IT transformation initiatives with measurable results in customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness.

Juan Fourie brings infectious enthusiasm, energy and keen insight to his role as an instructor of the KEPNERandFOURIE process. He combines his experience as a developer and IT Consultant with his deep understanding of the KandF methodology to help students learn and apply the KandF tools for spectacular results.

He completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Johannesburg in 2007.  During this time, he was employed by several small to medium IT companies in South Africa where he specialized in web development and network applications.


“Helped the team visualize the reasons behind why we do what we do.”

“Super strategies for fixing issues and getting back on track. This class gave me a lot of new ways to approach problems.”

“I thought this training was very valuable, and it covered so much useful information in a short amount of time. I am honestly going to put it to good use.”

“I loved how focused this class was – really good tools and I can definitely put them to use.”


This certification is proudly awarded to students who successfully complete the NEGOTIATION and COLLABORATION coursework in Omnikron’s Leadership Elevation Framework. [The Leadership Elevation Framework is a trademarked Omnikron methodology]. Effective Negotiation skills are a critical component of the Leadership Elevation Framework™. Collaboration is also a critical component of any leader’s toolbox. Collaboration coursework includes Change Management Foundations and Practitioner Certifications from the Change Management Institute; Project Management Certification via the Project Management Institute; Project Rescue coursework developed by Kepner and Fourie; Scrum Certification, DevOps and/or other customized Agile Training; Business Relationship Management Certifications, accredited by the Business Relationship Management Institute.