Developing Leaders for Today’s Global Workforce

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.”
– Peter Drucker

Leaders in today’s corporations – large and small – must be willing to accept what they don’t know, actively seek out opportunities to learn new skills, and continuously strive to improve while mentoring, inspiring, and encouraging others to do the same.

The Learning Lifecycle™–How Leaders are Made

At Omnikron, we believe that Leaders are Learners, and Learners are Leaders.  Learn more about the Learning Lifecycle™ to inspire your own journey to Elevate your Leadership Journey:

YEARN: In the first stage, you must yearn to make a difference, to change the status quo, to solve the problems and fill in the gaps you encounter, while motivating and inspiring your team to do the same.

LEARN: Problem-solving, decision-making, negotiating and managing change are all skills you’ll master during the learn phase. Our methodologies guide you through every step, and the scalability of our coursework means that your team learns these tools and techniques right alongside you.

TURN: “Turn” refers to that stage at which the challenges of learning and mastering new tasks and thought processes reaches a natural turning point, and the going gets a little tougher. During this phase, it’s critical to dig in and move forward without turning back.

EARN: Expanded skills and refined capabilities multiply your options and potential gains. Leaders and their teams who reach this level of accomplishment earn credibility, confidence and competence in addition to financial rewards and professional recognition.

BURN: While it’s critical to celebrate and enjoy the hard-earned successes you and your team have earned, the next step is to “burn” off the comfort and complacency and prepare for the next challenges ahead.

Introducing Omnikron’s
Leadership Elevation Framework™

As global competition increases, companies need a dependable way to produce, groom, and grow strong leaders. Each stage of Omnikron’s Leadership Elevation Framework drives leadership mastery in a different critical area:

Leadership Elevation™ Course Guide

These course listings are based on the Leadership Elevation Framework™.   Click below to expand the course menu and explore each stage of the Leadership Journey:


StrengthsFinder 2.0, Kolbe – Instincts, Negotiation Diagnostics, Problem Solving Profile, Career Accelerator

Advanced Problem Solving

Advanced Problem Solving

3 days x 4 hrs – 12 PDUs

Fast Track to the C-Suite

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

IT Root Cause Analysis

5 days x 4 hrs – 20 PDUs

Strategic Decision-Making for High Velocity Teams

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Individual Training

Negotiation for Business Leaders

5 days x 4 hrs – 20 PDUs

For Groups of 10+

Advanced Negotiation for Teams

Change Management

Change Management Foundations

5 days x 4 hrs – 20 PDUs

Change Management Practitioner

3 days x 4 hrs – 12 PDUs

Agile Frameworks

Professional Scrum Master

3 days x 4 hrs – 12 PDUs

DevOps Foundations

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Certified Agile Service Manager [CASM]

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Project Management

Project Management Professional [PMP]

8 days x 4 hrs

Project Rescue

5 days x 4 hrs – 20 PDUs

Big Data / Data Science

Big Data Fundamentals

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Python, Spark, Tableau and more… Use Omnikron’s Big Data Lab to test your ideas and use cases!

IT Service Management

ITIL Foundations or ITSM101

3 days x 4 hrs – 12 PDUs

ITIL Practitioner

Lifecycle Classes

7 days x 4 hrs – 28 PDUs

Capability Classes

7-8 days x 4 hrs – 28-32 PDUs

Managing Across the Lifecycle [MALC]

9 days x 4 hrs – 36 PDUs


Cloud Technology Associate

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Cloud Virtualization

4 days x 4 hrs – 16 PDUs

Cisco Network Certifications

SDN, NFV Training

Cyber Security

Security +

6 days x 4 hrs – 24 PDUs

Certified Advanced Security Practitioner [CASP]

6 days x 4 hrs – 24 PDUs

Ethical Hacker

6 days x 4 hrs – 24 PDUs

Enterprise Architecture


8 days x 4 hrs – 32 PDUs


Capstone Project

Using skills learned from Foundations through Electives, complete optimization project approved by management

Produce RLO (Reusable Learning Object) based on successfully applying what you’ve learned to Elevate others

Omnikron Open Badges

Gain recognition and verify training and certification as you advance through the Framework. Omnikron Open Badges enable you to display your skills and achievements on social networking profiles, websites, and more.


Professional Problem Solver (PPS)

To Qualify for PPS:

2+ Assessments, plus
1 Problem Solving Class


Change Agent (CA)

To Qualify for CA:

PPS Badge, plus
1 Negotiate Class, and
2 Collaborate Classes


Innovation Architect (IA)

To Qualify for IA:

CA Badge, plus
4 Innovate Electives


Leadership Luminary (LL)


To Qualify for LL:

IA Badge, plus
1 Governance Class,
1 Final Assessment, and
Capstone Project