How to Future-Proof Your Workplace

New FREE Webinar From Omnikron: How to Future-Proof Your Workplace

Date: THURSDAY MAY 24TH, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM PT [11:00 AM CT, 12:00 PM ET] 

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How future-proof is YOUR workplace? Yesterday’s “work-think” no longer applies in today’s world of lightening-paced change. Globalization is shrinking the world, demographics are constantly shifting, and technology unheard of just 10 years ago is changing how people work and interact. In fact, the future of work is not next year, next month or tomorrow … it’s happening right here, right now.

Join us for a fascinating (and FREE) hour as bestselling business author and leadership expert Dr. Linda Sharkey discusses the future-proof workplace, and provides a wealth of real-life examples, strategies and recommendations to future-proof your company—and your career.

As a webinar participant, you will discover the factors that are most critical to success when future-proofing an organization. And you’ll learn how important it is to think about new approaches to everything from talent development and company culture to leadership, technology, changing workplace demographics, and more.

About the Presenter: 

Dr. Linda Sharkey is a transformational expert, acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and global leadership development coach. She has worked extensively with Fortune 50 companies, and held senior HR positions at Hewlett-Packard and at GE Capital. She is the co-author of The Future-Proof Workplace – Six Strategies to Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape Your Culture, and Succeed with Purpose (Wiley, 2017). Her co- authored book Winning With Transglobal Leadership was named one of the top 30 best business books for 2013.


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Omnikron and Axelos partner for Management of Portfolios (MoP®), a certificate training program!

Omnikron recently announced a new addition to its suite of accredited business courses. For the first time, Omnikron offers the Management of Portfolios (MoP®) course to its professional audience, allowing them to add MoP® certification to their credentials. The MoP® certification scheme is accredited by Axelos.

Dates: May 17, 22, 24, and 31;

Times: 7am – 11am PT [9am – 1pm CT, 10am – 2pm ET]

  • The classes are delivered via live, virtual web presence
  •  Students can attend live and then take advantage of the recordings and course content via Omnikron’s eLearning Campus
  • Participants will also each earn 16 PDUs toward their on-going PMP professional development.

The MoP coursework provides a set of principles, techniques and practices to help organizations ensure that the programs and projects they invest in contribute to overall strategic objectives and achieve the best possible return on investment. Portfolio management is not concerned with drilling down into the detailed management of these projects and programs; rather, it approaches the management of change projects and programs from a overarching strategic viewpoint. Portfolio management is about identifying and investing in the right change initiatives for a particular organization and then implementing them correctly.

Learning objectives include:

  • Develop and understand the scope and objectives of portfolio management and how it differs from programme and project management
  • Discover the approaches to implementation, maintaining progress and how to assess the success of portfolio management
  • Selection and adaptation of MoP principles and techniques to suit different organizational environments

The MoP® course pathway was developed for those high-level individuals involved in both formal and informal portfolio management roles encompassing investment decision making, project and program delivery, and benefits realization.

Robin Borough, President of Omnikron commented, “The MoP® course gives senior-level professionals an accredited pathway toward analyzing their investments to ensure that they contribute to the overall health and growth of their organizations.” She added, “We always enjoy partnering with Axelos and look forward to giving professionals a new option in our advanced training certifications.”

Omnikron has been helping Fortune 100 and 500 organizations create Great Technical Leaders via IT Training and Staffing Services for over 35 years, and they’ve trained over 150,000 individuals globally. Omnikron training/leadership experts continually meet the needs of an evolving IT marketplace with the highest quality training and an exceptionally skilled workforce. Thousands of satisfied clients have earned professional certification, advanced their careers and developed as leaders and managers through Omnikron training and certification.

AXELOS is a joint venture company, created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc, to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio. AXELOS boasts an already enviable track record and an unmatched portfolio of globally recognized best practice qualifications.

Learn more about this course by emailing The certification is valuable both for professionals and the organizations they support.

You can always reach Omnikron Systems Inc. at, or

Best Practices in Corporate Learning

New FREE Webinar Presented by Omnikron in Partnership with The Lumina Foundation:

Best Practices in Corporate Learning


Date: April 19th, 2018

Time: 9:00 am PT [11:00 am CT, 12:00 pm ET] 

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In just one info-packed hour, you’ll discover best practices, ideas and strategies for creating a more robust tuition benefit program, ways to ensure a wider demographic of your employees take advantage, and tips for streamlining the benefits program process across your organization. Some of what we’ll cover:

  • How to manage and grow your post-secondary “ecosystem”
  • Selecting your institutional partners: Questions, considerations, and concerns
  • Is your organization “secretly sabotaging” your education assistance benefit program?
  • Exclusive to this webinar, gain access to an Employee Education Benefit ROI Calculator
  • Conduct a simple, highly effective audit of your education/training program
  • Secondary partner checklist: ensure your partnerships are beneficial to all


Did you know … Employee education programs result in more promotions, higher salaries, increased career options/advancement potential and greater job satisfaction?And that organizations gain substantial cost savings (fewer new hires, more promotions from within, less employee turnover) in addition to other benefits (syncing of needs, skills and knowledge, growing a skilled workforce from the ground up)?

Investing in employee education carries an enormous benefit for both employees and their companies, but at many companies (yours, perhaps?), neither side is able to take full advantage.

  • 43% of working adults do not know if their employer offers a benefit program
  • Tuition assistance programs are only utilized, on average, by 5.2% of eligible staff.


About the Presenter: 

Presenter Haley Glover is the Strategy Director of the Lumina Foundation, which is devoted to promoting post-secondary education. The Lumina Foundation’s Goal 2025 strategic education plan seeks to increase the proportion of Americans with degrees, certificates and other high-quality credentials to 60% by 2025. Omnikron shares the Foundation’s education goals, credentialing initiatives and belief in education/learning as a means to strengthen leaders, teams, individuals and the corporations they work for.


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Where Are You in the Agile Adoption Curve?

Whether you’re just getting started with Agile or you’ve been running Agile for years, Omnikron in conjunction with Conteneo, is thrilled to present this free 1 hour webinar that will help you determine your Agile trajectory and improve your performance.

Find out how to help teams collaborate better and innovate faster than ever before, while streamlining delivery processes, improving decision-making and boosting performance. We’ve got an incredible hour lined up – featuring an Agile expert, live collaborative Agile Mapping Game (using Conteneo’s WEAVE™ tool) and much more! Don’t miss this Agile power hour!

Date: March 14th, 2018

Time: 9:00 am PT [11:00 am CT, 12:00 pm ET] 

Registration is FREE but the VIRTUAL SEATS are Limited! 

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In One exciting Hour you’ll: 

  • Discover where you and your team members are in your Agile Journey
  • Find out how to leverage Agile practices and principles in your organization
  • Learn more effective ways to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Get the lowdown on the coolest, newest collaboration tool on the market – private real-time demo for webinar attendees!
  • Employ super effective benchmarking techniques gleaned from Agile experts


Exclusive to this seminar: Play our Agile Journey Mapping Game, (featuring Conteneo’s WEAVE™ tool) and experience first-hand the power of Collaboration and Gaming!


Discover what phase of the Agile process you’re in, learn how to identify elements that will support and enhance your Agile experience – all while playing a fast-paced interactive game with your Webinar colleagues!

About the Presenter: 

Presenter and Agile expert Laura Richardson shares her knowledge, expertise and real-world experience gleaned from years of collaborative, managerial and team-focused activities. At Conteneo Inc., as VP of Sales & Business Development, Laura leverages her sales, marketing and technology expertise to deliver identify needs and deliver Agile-based collaborative solutions for a variety of organizations. Before her tenure at Conteneo, Laura spent seven years at Uptime Resources where she ran the IT professional services division.

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Bots NOT Coming for Your Job: How Chatbots Can Power Productivity!

New Webinar: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ChatBots … But Were Afraid to Ask!

On Valentine’s Day, get ready to feel the bot love! Omnikron, in conjunction with SoZango, Inc., is presenting a special FREE webinar designed to introduce you to the exciting world of ChatBots.

So… what’s a ChatBot? Great question! A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation via textual or auditory input. Chatbots can be built to specification for businesses and used for customer service, data collection, research, virtual assistance, and much more. Powered by artificial intelligence, these systems can chat on multiple platforms simultaneously. Sozango’s chatbots supercharge your staff, reduce redundancies and enhance your earnings.

Date: February 14th, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. PST [11:00 a.m. CST, 12:00 p.m. EST]

Registration is Free but the VIRTUAL SEATS are LIMITED!



In one high-energy, fascinating hour, webinar attendees will learn these truths about chatbots:

  • Find out what Chatbots are, how they work, and who’s using them
  • Discover practical bots you can deploy today and creative ways to put them into play
  • Interact live, in real time, with a special Valentine’s Day bot built just for this webinar
  • Engage in a Free consultation with SoZango – Can bots solve YOUR problems?
  • Attention Project Managers: earn 2 PDUs for participating in this webinar!

About the Presenters: 

Webinar presenters SoZango Principal Managing Director, Benji Rostoker and Creative Managing Director, Emily Mischel are the co-founders of SoZango Solutions, an organization that builds custom bots to engage and interact with users, streamline organizational processes, and provide user data. The SoZango team are bot experts, and looking forward to educating webinar attendees about the practical, timesaving and cost-effective use of ChatBots in today’s businesses.

With a focus on conversational user experience, SoZango bots augment engagement with customers, employees, and stakeholders, on channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Web, and SMS. SoZango bots are constructed with agile, human centered, and adaptive survey design principles. Our most popular services include FAQ-Bot, Survey-Bot, and Training-Bot.

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Digital Badges Give Professionals a Visible, Portable Record of Their Accomplishments

Post originally seen on the Association for Talent Development website, by Omnikron President, Robin Borough. 

The concept of open or digital badges began in 2010 through a collaboration between Mozilla, the MacArthur foundation, and Peer 2 Peer University. These early proponents of the Open Badge system hoped to create a way for lifelong learners to display their credentials in a way that was visible, portable, and relatable, no matter the type of skill development or coursework completed. They strove to enable students at every level, from high school age to corporate professionals, to digitally display their skills, competencies and earned credentials from a variety of educational institutions, not just colleges and universities.

What Are Digital Badges, Anyway?

A digital badge is issued by a learning or credentialing institution after an individual completes a designated course of study. The badge is an image containing metadata that provides access to a variety of information: test scores, instructor affiliations, coursework required, dates of completion, and so forth. The badge is a digital emblem of accomplishment that allows anyone to click on the badge and discover exactly what it took the badge holder to earn it.

Chances are, as a professional reading this blog post, you’ve earned digital badges yourself, or checked out those earned by colleagues, co-workers, job applicants, and social connections. Today, digital badges are issued by thousands of educational institutions and professional training organizations worldwide. They provide a way for professionals to display their achievements, skills, earned certifications, and professional contributions. Digital badges can be shared across social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and also can be displayed on your personal website, your resume, or even embedded into your email signature.

Examples of Badge Opportunities

When Omnikron was developing its Leadership Elevation Framework, we knew we wanted to offer leaders a way to track their accomplishments, validate their coursework, and display their credentials. Enter open badges.

As participants move up through the levels, they have the opportunity to earn badges signifying their proficiency, knowledge, and new skills in each area and at every step along the way. Once earned, these badges are a real, verifiable representation of the intense hours of training and rigorous coursework that went into meeting the credentialing requirements.

To give you a better idea on how to add open badges to your programs, let’s take the framework’s badges and the coursework required to earn them:

  • Professional Problem Solver (PPS) Badge. Participants who complete at least two assessments and one KEPNERandFOURIE course (out of six course offerings) are eligible to earn the PPS Badge
  • Change Agent (CA) Badge. In addition to PPS badge requirements, participants must complete one negotiation course and two collaboration courses (out of seven course offerings, including change management, agile, DevOps, project management).
  • Innovation Architect (IA) Badge. In addition to the CA badge requirements, participants must complete four courses from the innovate section of the framework (out of 10 course offerings, including data analytics, advanced security practitioner, certified ethical hacker, cloud technology and ITIL service management).
  • Leadership Luminary (LL) Badge. In addition to the IA badge requirements, participants must complete courses in CGEIT, COBIT, and participate in an individualized Capstone project consisting of either an optimization project or production of an reusable learning object, as approved and overseen by the Omnikron training team.

While every earned badge is a major accomplishment along the Leadership Elevation Framework, leaders who earn their LL Badge are an exclusive group of professionals who have accomplished an enormous amount of personal and professional growth, in addition to gaining a wealth of new tools, techniques, and skills. Leaders at this level function as elite members of the organizational hierarchy, and they are recognized and respected as trusted, high-level professionals who achieve greatness while guiding others to do the same. What’s more, these badges offer a visual shortcut for leaders and teams who are looking for talent to work on specific organizational efforts.

At Omnikron, we are exceptionally proud of our leadership pathway and the badge system we’ve designed. We are excited to partner with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries as they learn, achieve and develop as leaders.

Best Practices for Knowledge Mgmt & Onboarding

Don’t Miss This Exciting FREE Webinar –

Best Practices for Onboarding Your Technical Talent

Did you know that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding*? And, that 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days from hire*? Discover the difference a successful onboarding program makes!


Join Omnikron Systems Inc. and Guest Presenter Bobbi Payne on January 30th, 2018 and in just one information-rich hour, learn how to leverage automated onboarding tools – including ServiceNow’s Knowledge Portal and Visual Taskboard – to develop and deliver an onboarding program that sets new hires up for success from the very first day.

For new hires, accepting the offer is just the beginning. When reporting for a new position in a new organization, they want to feel welcomed, not overwhelmed, or worse, ignored. This webinar covers tools, practices and procedures used by successful companies to create a positive, rewarding experience throughout the first days, weeks and months. A successful onboarding process leads to increased job satisfaction, greater employee retention and a sense of corporate belonging and engagement.

  • DATE: January 30th, 2018
  • TIME: 9:00 a.m. PST [11:00 a.m. CST, 12:00 p.m. EST]

Registration is Free, but the VIRTUAL Seats are Limited!                                                      


About the Presenter: 

Presenter Bobbi Payne has more than twenty years of experience in corporate training, sales and operations. She has used her on-boarding expertise to guide organizations through the new hire process from start to finish, and she knows exactly what it takes to give employees the best start possible in their new positions. Bobbi is a true leader who has worked across a variety of industries including tech, finance, healthcare and more. She focuses on helping others reach their potential through workforce management, staff development, corporate training design, guidance and mentorship.

On January 30th, 2018 @ 9:00 a.m. PST, webinar attendees will have a chance to join Bobbi Payne and cover how to:

  • Engage, support and serve your new hires from the get-go
  • Create a seamless flow of information, expectations and activities
  • Deliver a personalized, automated, consumerized employee experience
  • Utilize visual task boards for clarity – Day 1, Week 1, Month 1 and beyond
  • Develop a step-by-step process for creating a positive employee experience


Omnikron is thrilled to produce the 2nd webinar of 2018 with Bobbi Payne all about successful onboarding practices.

Interested parties may register here: Registration for this event is free with only 100 seats available on a first come, first serve basis.

* Source: Lessonly, 2014

5 Challenges to Leadership Effectiveness

Post originally seen on the Association for Talent Development website, by Omnikron President, Robin Borough. 

As a business mentor and leadership coach, I’ve had the opportunity to guide leaders through a fair share of leadership challenges. In the Leadership Elevation Framework, introduced in a previous blog, we talked about Omnikron’s Learning Lifecycle, which lays out a clear learning pathway to advanced leadership skills. Through the Learning Lifecycle and the Leadership Elevation Framework, Omnikron has helped leaders identify and overcome challenges like these.


Leaders and their teams often reach a point where it’s easier to continue along the path of least resistance than it is to push forward towards growth and innovation. This “if it ain’t broke” mentality leads to lackluster performance, stagnant productivity, and a reluctance to successfully compete for new contracts, customers, and resources. It seems easier to rest comfortably on a plateau than it is to keep driving upwards, but that’s exactly what leaders must do to break through the barriers of status quo thinking.

To overcome complacency, leaders and their teams must engage in learning new concepts and skills. It’s only through continuous learning that complacency can be replaced with motivation, creativity and excitement.


Many leaders lack the ability to truly delegate effectively. This creates a culture of micromanagement that stifles independent thinking, crushes creativity, and leaves leaders too focused on the short-term. They may practice small-picture thinking when, as their organization’s thought leaders, they should be going big.

The Leadership Elevation Framework teaches leaders to relate active learning to the bigger picture, and empower their people to learn, think, and act for themselves. All of which naturally benefits the organization!

Lack of Problem-Solving and Negotiation Skills

Problem-solving and negotiation are essential skills that leaders, teams, and individuals should master regardless of the sector, type or size of their organization. However, these skills are not typically taught in a way that enables true understanding, successful application, and positive outcomes.

The training and coursework Omnikron has developed in these areas is gleaned from actual techniques used by FBI negotiators and hostage crisis experts. Once leaders and their teams master these specific skills, they become expert negotiators—ready to deploy the strategies they’ve learned in any business (or personal!) situation.

Assumed Collaboration Through Osmosis

True collaboration doesn’t just happen. It takes a host of communication and negotiation skills to create and support a collaborative work environment between leaders, teams, business units, silos, globally distributed groups, and so forth. Unfortunately, many leaders assume that people will successfully collaborate on projects just because they are asked to work together—what we’ve termed “collaboration through osmosis.”

The truth, though, is that collaboration takes hard work from everyone involved, as well as specific learned skills in areas like communication, negotiation, change management, project management, Scrum DevOps, agile service, and much more.

Innovation for Innovation’s Sake

Many leaders make the mistake of creating a culture of innovation for innovation’s sake, when the goal should really be innovation for elevation’s sake. When leaders push innovation first and foremost, they are throwing their people into an “innovate first/assess later” mindset. This invariably leads to failure and frustration, as innovative ideas coupled with ineffective, superficial collaboration and non-existent negotiation skills can quickly spiral wildly out of control.

To reach the stage of effective innovation, leaders and their people must first master problem solving, collaboration, negotiation, and strong leadership skills. Finally, should they turn to innovation when teams are working together cohesively and are ready for the disruptions innovation inevitably brings to the table.

The challenges described here are common among leaders, and overcoming them can be frustrating and time-consuming without a cohesive plan of action. The Leadership Elevation Framework and the Leadership Learning Lifecycle were developed by Omnikron to give leaders and potential leaders a pathway to excellence.

How to Solve Wicked Problems with Contests

Companies are using contests to engage stakeholders and employees, promote greater awareness and solve their toughest problems. HeroX is the leading corporate challenge/contest company, and CEO Christian Cotichini delivers a fascinating webinar to Omnikron Systems Inc.’s clients, prospects and colleagues.

Omnikron Systems, Inc. is proud to partner with HeroX to present a fascinating webinar on January 16, 2018 that delves into the reality of crowdsourced contests. These corporate contests are an exciting way for organizations of any size to use the power of the crowd to solve a variety of large and small problems while generating awareness, engagement, media attention and positive exposure. In this new webinar produced by Omnikron, HeroX co-founder and CEO Christian Cotichini explains how crowdsourced challenges work, how companies benefit, and how easy it is to get started with the HeroX challenge model.

Date:  January 16, 2018

Time:  11:30am PST / 1:30pm CST / 2:30pm EST

Registration is Free, but the VIRTUAL Seats are Limited.  RSVP Here:  

Some background on corporate challenges and incentive prizes:

On October 21, 2004, Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipOne reached the edge of space, an altitude of 100km, becoming the first privately built spacecraft to perform this feat, twice within two weeks. In so doing, they won the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE, ushering in a new era of commercial space exploration and applications. It was the inaugural incentive prize competition of the XPRIZE Foundation, which has gone on to create an incredible array of incentive prizes to solve the world’s Grand Challenges — ocean health, literacy, space exploration, among many others.

HeroX was co-founded in 2013 by XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis, challenge designer Emily Fowler and entrepreneur Christian Cotichini as a means to democratize the innovation model of XPRIZE.

Today, HeroX is the world’s premier crowd-based challenge company. HeroX helps organizations use crowdsourcing, competition and collaboration to drive social innovation through contests and challenges.


  • On January 16, 2018, at 11:30am PST, webinar attendees will have a chance to join Christian Cotichini, HeroX CEO, and discover exactly how the power of the crowd works to solve problems, create positive awareness and media buzz, while promoting engagement, innovation and creativity. Registration for this event is free with only 100 seats available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Interested parties may register here: Registration URL:

HeroX is one of the most amazing organizations we’ve worked with!  So excited to start 2018 off with them.  They have really streamlined the process for creating challenges that spark creativity, encourage participation from a wide variety of individuals and teams, and garner positive press and attention. We look forward to sharing the HeroX challenge model with our clients and seeing what kinds of challenges and incentives they come up with in 2018!

Learn more at


The Learning Life Cycle Creates a Pathway to Leadership

Post originally seen on the Association for Talent Development website, by Omnikron President, Robin Borough. 

Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, and To Sell Is Human has said, “Human beings have an inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise their capacities, to explore, and to learn.”

After 35 years of experience including hands-on career counseling, executive mentoring, and high-level training in the IT and IT Infrastructure Library spaces, I’ve seen various leadership initiatives repeatedly lead to unsatisfactory results. Working with numerous leadership experts and training specialists, our team at Omnikron Systems has developed the Learning Lifecycle for leaders, which in turn follows a natural progression of leadership training methodologies that we call the Leadership Elevation Framework.

The five-part Leadership Learning Lifecycle supports leaders and their desire to learn. It enables them to analyze their own strengths, areas of improvement and knowledge gaps, while doing the same for those they lead. Let’s take a closer look at each phase.


The lifecycle starts with the Yearn phase. At this stage, leaders yearn to accomplish more, solve problems, and fill knowledge gaps. In other words, leaders are not comfortable sitting back and accepting the status quo. During this phase, it’s also up to leaders to strike the “yearn” spark in their people. Interestingly enough, my real-world observations have shown that a large majority of people in today’s business population do not even make it to this stage.


After identifying the problems, gaps, or challenges they need to address, leaders are ready to learn—and this part of the lifecycle is always exciting and stimulating. During the Learn phase, leaders gain skills and knowledge, as well as badges, certification, and pride in their (and their teams’) accomplishments. Problem solving, decision making, negotiation, and change management skills and expertise are just some of the areas leaders master during this stage.


“Turn” refers to that point at which a challenge or leadership issue reaches its natural turning point. This is when things start to get a little tougher. A critical component of the Turn phase is the leader’s role as champion. The newly developed skills, tools, and strategies mastered during the Learn phase will enable leaders to reach back and pull their teams smoothly through the turn.


When leaders and their teams successfully make the turn and hang tough to solve problems, overcome challenges, or accomplish difficult goals, the payoff is what they “earn.” At first, the Earn phase refers to monetary gains, but leaders and their teams who reach this level of accomplishment also earn credibility, confidence, and competence. This stage is a representation of the energy, effort, and time they have dedicated to learning. But if not managed, it can also create an elitist, as well as stagnant and stale, mindset. Recognizing and overcoming this potential problem brings true leaders to the beginning of the Burn phase.


Organizations tend to lose another percentage of their leaders during the Burn phase of the lifecycle. That’s because people tend to become complacent, settled, and comfortable after they achieve their goals and the high energy and intensity of the previous cycles has dissipated. Leaders in the midst of the Burn phase must recognize that even though it’s more comfortable to stay in a perpetual Earn phase, they must actively burn off the status quo (such as a degree, position, promotion, or fame) and prepare for a new stage of yearning.

Indeed, the Burn phase is an important part of the lifecycle, as it pushes people to let go of old victories and accomplishments in preparation for new challenges and learning opportunities. People do not progress naturally from Earn to Yearn, there always needs to be a Burn phase.

The cycle can start again as leaders yearn to find solutions, learn new skills, and follow the rest of the pathway to mastery and team building. What’s more, it’s important that leaders recognize which cycle they are in at any given time, so that they can calibrate their workforces and employ different motivational measures.