The Omnikron Advantage

We have worked with thousands of clients from Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government entities, and other institutions. Our client list includes many of today’s most well-known organizations, and we are constantly adding more clients to our roster. Join us, and discover the advantages we offer professionals through education, staffing and implementation of newest innovations and technologies.


Omnikron’s training system features hand-chosen instructors at the top of their fields, coupled with our proven, proprietary adult learning process. Our training programs encompass assessments, experiential exercises, exam prep and benchmarking, and personal mentoring and coaching opportunities. Our students report exceptional knowledge retention, improved workplace performance, raises, promotions and recognition as they translate course mastery into real-world action.


Our staffing division has worked hand in hand with organizations across the country to fill IT positions in a wide variety of industries and verticals. We are experts at recruiting and hiring specialized, high-level professionals and have a large network of exceptional talent to draw from. Working with our staffing solutions experts saves time and energy – we recruit, interview, and select the professionals that best fit your hiring profile, making the entire process swift and painless.

Certification and Credentials

All Badges

Open Badges

Omnikron believes in recognition for educational achievements. Open Badges are a way to provide online, digital verification of student progress and accomplishments. We offer Open Badges for each stage completed along the Leadership Elevation Framework™. These badges demonstrate proficiency, knowledge, and earned credentials, and they can be shared across the Web, digitally displayed via social media, and highlighted when considering career moves.


Omnikron offers certification and exam preparation in some of today’s hottest course topics – Cybersecurity, Big Data, Change Management, ITIL and many more.

Omnikron is also accredited to teach a variety of certificate courses by the organizations that oversee the administration and issuing of various certificates. Certification provides students credibility and recognition for their coursework and exams, and places them in top company with other elite professionals. Please see our individual courses for details.

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IT Training is always evolving. Omnikron guarantees the quality of the training it offers by maintaining strict accreditation standards and partners. We carefully select and maintain strong relationships with these accrediting organizations to insure you are investing your time learning relevant processes and solutions from high-quality instructors using effective, approved methods.

Flexible Training Options

We partner with our students to develop learning strategies based on their individual goals and organizational needs. We suggest courses, certifications, and training paths, and feature a variety of learning options to engage and motivate learners.

Live, Instructor-Led Training

Bring our courses and instructors on-site to train your teams, groups or departments. Onsite training can be customized to fit your group’s size, experience level and training needs. We also offer instructor-led classroom training at our Woodland Hills, CA campus.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms allow students to learn and participate in real time with top-notch instructors, from any location. All our trainers are experts in their fields, hold numerous credentials and certifications, and are adept at engaging adult learners.

Mentoring and Coaching

Assistance is available from our experts to help students gain the most benefits from our training.  Through the Web, phone conferences or other means, we connect with our students whenever and however they need us to.  We’ve successfully certified thousands of adult professionals – with pass rates 19.6% higher than the global averages. This is due to our personalized, customized training programs that put our students and their training needs first and foremost.

eLearning Campus

Our online campus allows students to access class recordings, case studies, quiz software, FAQ’s, mind maps, and much more.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP provides funding for professionals to continue their education or receive additional training. Omnikron has been guiding students in the use of TAP for nearly two decades. Although different organizations have different TAP benefits and requirements, our training consultants have the knowledge and experience to coach and support students throughout the process.  We can ensure students get the documentation required to secure enrollment and prove they have met all training requirements. For more information, see our Tuition Assistance FAQ.

Military Tuition Benefits

Omnikron works with active–duty and military veterans to ensure they are utilizing all the tuition benefits available to them. Military Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application process and restrictions. This money is usually paid directly to the institution by the individual services.


Career Accelerator

What’s the state of your career?

Designed and developed by Omnikron president Robin Borough, The Career Accelerator is a personal assessment tool that provides incredible insight into career choices, paths and future direction. The global economy has changed the rules, and professionals need to take a long, hard look at their skill set, their career trajectory and their future goals. If the three don’t align, there’s trouble ahead!

Unique assessment tool puts you in control …

The Career Accelerator is divided into a number of Q&A sections, and as you progress though the assessment, your answers will reveal whether your career is on track or changes are needed.  Are you working 10 to 14-hour days … yet still worried you could be laid off, let go, outsourced or repositioned? This invaluable tool will help you position yourself for future success and achievement.

Visit the Career Accelerator Page to download your copy of this unique assessment tool.

Video Library

Welcome to our video library! Here, find an eclectic mix of some of our most-watched videos for your learning and enjoyment.

Global ITIL® Video Contest

These videos represent the winners of our ITIL contest! See how contestants used ITIL solutions to achieve more within their organizations.

A young IT manager uses her rap skills to tell about ITIL®’s phone support and software management solutions for her company.

Erika and Schmerika demonstrate the basics of the services industry for any business by taking an international culinary tour of ITIL® and IT Service Management!

Business Device Solutions is a company with multiple performance and employee satisfaction issues.  See how ITIL® is implemented to save the day!

Competing For Your Future

Omnikron President and IT Career Coach Robin Borough provides insight into advancing your career by understanding how to navigate today’s job market.

Advanced Problem Solving Series

Excerpts from KEPNERandFOURIE’s™ problem-solving methodologies taught by Omnikron’s problem solving experts.

KandF™ Think on Your Feet

In this excerpt from Omnikron’s Advanced Problem Solving Series, Dr. Matt Fourie demonstrates how to find the cause of a problem quickly yet accurately.

KandF™ Incident Management

In this excerpt from Omnikron’s Advanced Problem Solving Series, Dr. Matt Fourie explores how to use the KEPNERandFOURIE SolutionWise™ Methodology for Incident Management.

Breakthrough Thinking – Meet Kyle

Kyle is a seasoned network professional working in a complex 24×7 environment. He has all the “hot” technical certs he can get — but these skills are not currently helping him solve problems faster and advance in his career…

Change Management Foundation

This exclusive free webinar recording addresses some of the most challenging aspects of change, covers Change Management skills and how to help your organization manage, adapt to and profit from change.